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Jeff Fereday  RANDOM LINES

Columns for "Two Wheels"

Australian  motorcycle magazine

1985 - 1991

Foreword by Grant Roff

౼ Riotous writing about riding and life! 


"Great bedside book: 56 sequential nights where you can take our mind off the travails of the day and set yourself up for a sleep filled with images of what it’s actually like to be a real motorcyclist. Favourites? They’re all gems ..."   

Grant Roff, Editor, Australian Motorcycle Trader

"Every Aussie motorcyclist should have this book. It’s like a good bunch of bike mates you can catch up with in the shed after work, or the perfect way to start a pre Sunday ride with your first coffee…"

Jeff Ware, Editor, Australian Bike Review magazine, review here 
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Paperback 15x23cm, 252 pages, b&w text, col. cover
ISBN 978-0-9578173-2-6